Grow your business by offering mobile payments instore

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Simple mobile payments

Offer mobile payments with Vipps, invoice, instalments and card.

Offer eReceipts

Collect and view digital receipts from all channels with myDintero.

Simple, low prices

Our prices are simple and easy to understand.

Stay in control

Find all transactions and settlement reports in our Backoffice.

How it works

Enter phone number

Create an order as usual and enter the customers mobile number into the POS system.

Push or SMS

The customer receives a push notification or an SMS with payment link depending on the active payment methods.

Makes payment

Customer finishes the payment on their mobile phone. A Confirmation is sent directly back to the POS.


No establishment fees - No contract - Choose your desired payment methods



Invoice and installments


EU Consumer Cards


Non-EU Consumer Cards






Pricing based on average transaction value of over NOK 150,-
Monthly fee: NOK 195,- per sales location

Get started in 3 easy steps

Create a free account

It only takes a couple of minutes.

Apply for your desired payment methods

From your new account you can now apply for your desired payment methods.

Wait for confirmation....

Configure and integrate

Now you can configure and integrate the Dintero Checkout in your system. We can do it for you if you are using one of our free plugins.

Easy integration with your POS system

Along with our partner Extenda Retail, the largest POS supplier in the nordics, we have ensured easy and fast integration for Dintero Checkout Instore with Silent Touch. Integration with Wallmob is on the way.

Increase customer experience with Dintero Checkout

Omni channel

With an omni channel solution you can collect and connect customer insight from all corners of your business. Ensuring your customers the best customer experience when shopping both online and offline.

Offer eReceipts

Show your customers that your business is forward thinking by offering eReceipts. You will not only save paper and expenses, but eReceipts will contribute to a more positive experience for your customers and employees. eReceipts are offered to all customers using Dintero Checkout across all channels.

Customer reviews

Here's what some of our customers are saying about us.

We enabled Vipps through Dintero when the Korona pandemic hit us like a tsunami. The solution helps us to maintain our regular income by taking orders over the telephone and in social channels.

Dintero Checkout Instore is super easy to use! All we have to do is type in our customers number into the system, and the customer confirms the payment on their phone.

Promote your payment solution instore

Let your customers know you are offering Dintero Checkout Instore. Download and print our A4 poster for display in you checkout area. However, once you get started with Dintero Checkout Instore we will send you a package with marketing material. But if you would like to print more material - you've come to the right place.

Choose the file according to the active payment methods in your store.

Manage your transactions in the Dintero Backoffice

Keep an eye on incoming payments with our user friendly Backoffice.

  • Issue payment requests via SMS or push-message
  • List and filter all your transactions
  • Capture and refund transactions
  • Configure payment options and payment windows

Get started today

Go ahead and give us a try, create a free account and take a look at how the Dintero Checkout works. All we need from you is your name and email.

For developers we recommend taking a look at our API-documentation.

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